Monday, June 8, 2009

The Remodel Project

The front of house. Just look for the red screen door to find us!

The archway in living room. The lights match!

The dinning room and the new kitchen with the cabinets that my dad built!

The living room with the car seat and bags packed by the door!

The old kitchen is becoming a bedroom! Tom is working hard to get it ready for baby!


  1. Man - we totally feel your pain! I don't think it will ever be done!! It looks great you guys, keep up the hard work!!

  2. Your house is super cute! Looks like you have done a lot of work. Love the red door too. (= We will have to come visit!

  3. Gosh Chick..your house is so darn cute!! =) Yeah for huge projects that turn out amazing!! When the's bub due?! Any day now?! Hope all is going well with you! Just wanted to drop a note and say HI!

  4. Your home needs to be featured in "Country Living" magazine!It is absolutely beautiful.Well DoneAuntie Christy