Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

I work at a school so during spring Break I took a trip to Moses Lake Washington where I grew up to visit my parents and friends there! I had a really good time shopping with mom and my aunt and a couple of friends threw a baby shower for me! The baby got a lot of stuff and is already getting spoiled!

The table was decorated very cute with western decor!

Some guests are examining and smelling diapers while playing the guess what kind of candy bar is melted in the diaper game!

Back at home Joey is wore out from the big trip and the party!


  1. You're looking cute shanna!! Keep posting pictures :) Miss you both

  2. What fun! Cute Western theme! :)

  3. Hi Shanna,
    We may not have met but I saw you have Joey who is a sibling to Bella and we got her three years ago. Ray and Christy Waldo helped us get her. Check out our blog for some photos of her. don't for get the www.